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Why Athletes

When you’re an athlete, you’re part of a greater community.

I like working with endurance athletes.

I “get” their focus, discipline, and resilience. Athletes are fun to work with. They also “get” my approach to financial planning, because it is based upon the principles of athletic achievement. 

Endurance athletes pursue a common goal.  Seeking epic challenges is just part of our DNA.   We all seek great challenges which will test our courage, strength, and character.  We know that at some point during our endurance challenge, we will have to enter the "pain cave".  After overcoming the fears and conquering the "pain cave", we see ourselves and the world around us in a new way.  With that renewed perspective and sense of purpose, we approach life differently.  We courageously face other challenges in life.  

Building a strong financial plan works in the same way.  It gives you "margin" to confidently conquer other areas of your life and, ultimately, it provides a foundation for you to live your Personal Best. 

Endurance athletes are part of a unique community.  

Although our stories are different and we all come from various walks of life, we share common values and a common purpose.  Whether it is a local 5K, an OCR, or a triathlon I intuitively know that I am part of a special community.  I am part of a family.

A triathlon is broken up into 3 stages - Swim, Bike, and Run.  Triathletes must also plan and prepare for their transitions between the 3 disciplines.  The first transition is known as "T1" and the second as "T2".  Although triathlons are rarely won or lost in the transition area, T1 and T2 should never be overlooked.

Our clients often seek a collaborative coach who will truly listen and empathize with their unique needs, values, and goals. 

They seek guidance from an experienced coach who will empower them to live a more financially fit life, enabling them to endure this wonderful race called Life.

What stage of your Financial Life are you currently in?

Just Getting Started

Preparing for Retirement

At Retirement

Whatever stage you are in, we are here to help coach you to your Finish Line.


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