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Tax Preparation and Filing Services

Tax Prep Done the right way!  Reliable, Honest, and focused onthe Client's needs....

Enduro Financial is dedicated to helping clients make wise decisions in every facet of their personal finances, including Tax Preparation and Filing.

  • Client-Focused and Long-Term Relationships: Enduro Financial has a genuine interest in getting to know each one of our client's so that we can better serve them.  The way that we would want to be served.  
  • 365 Day Proactive Approach & Mindset:  If you wait until April 15th each year to manage your tax situation, you are most likely not optimizing your personal finances.  Most people don't have the quantifiable data, nor the knowledge of the Tax Code, to consider the tax implications of their important financial decisions throughout the year (eg- selling a house, selling highly appreciated stock, or retirement account contributions/distributions).  Enduro Financial helps clients take a proactive approach.
  • Experienced Tax Advice: As an Enrolled Agent Tax Professional, I am actively involved in ensuring my clients are educated and intentional about their tax decisions so they can optimize their resources.
  • Focused on Client Tax Education & Coaching: The Tax Code is often complex and confusing (and perpetually changing).  I’m here to make taxes less stressful. I believe that you should feel secure and confident in your big money decisions, and I genuinely care about you. I take the time to answer questions and explain your taxes in terms that you understand.
  • Secure and Efficient Technology, but Personal Process:  Enduro Financial combines a human and personal communication with the most innovative tax preparation software on the market with the goal of providing the best client experience possible- saving you time and energy....so you can focus on what's most important to you.

Pricing aligned with your Tax Service needs:

  • Transparent and in writing: We send you a client agreement with your specific fee calculated.  You'll know Up-Front exactly how much you'll pay...and how much you'll pay if there are additional forms or situation not discussed up-front.
  • Complexity-Based Pricing:  Pay for what you need.  Enduro Financial understands that your life changes.  Why should you always pay the same amount for tax preparation when the complexity of your filing might change from year to year?  Why should you pay the same amount as someone else with a different tax situation?
  • Pay less if you're an "Organized Early Bird":  Enduro Financial provides incentives to help clients who are organized and early save money on their tax preparation and filing.  It only makes sense.

Michael is honored to be a part of the Dave Ramsey ELP Team....

Dave Ramsey ELP Tax Expert Boise Idaho

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