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Wealth Management is an Endurance Event. 

When you determine the purpose of your race, it changes everything.

Personal Finance solutions for clients pursuing their personal best!

We offer the following Personal Finance Services:


Financial Endurance Planning

Are you overwhelmed by the thought of planning for your Financial Future? Not enough time to research all of your financial options to make the best decision for you and your family? Putting off important financial decisions because they are complex or daunting? Not sure where to start?   Our Financial Endurance Planning process will give you the confidence you need to pursue your personal best. You have endless potential and passion, but limited resources- time, money, and energy.

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Private Client

Wealth Mangement

Does managing your own investments take time and energy away from the most important areas of your life- your work, passions, friends, and famiily?  Enduro Financial builds portfolios which are designed to help you meet your long-term and specific goals (retirement, education, 2nd home, vacation, etc.) at a specific point in time.  The portfolio is built to account for your risk tolerance, tax profile, account vehicle (retirement account, brokerage, etc.), economic outlook, asset allocation, and income/capital appreciation needs. Enduro Financial also utilizes several strategic partners to help accredited investors access alternative asset classes.

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Tax Preparation & Filing

Seeking a proactive approach to tax preparation?  Because we work with you throughout the entire calendar year, we take a more comprehensive and integrated approach to filing your taxes.  An approach which considers your long-term financial goals and helps you make smart decisions about your finances along the way.

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The 4P's Financial Planning Process is focused on our client's best-interests and their Financial Finish Line.  Never make an important financial decision with "your gut" again!  

As a CFP® Professional and Enrolled Agent Tax Pro, I help clients make wise decisions with their personal finances- whether its current spending/budgeting, paying down debt, planning for future life goal, or optimizing their tax situation.  I "Run the Numbers" to statistically measure outcomes and provide framework for a decision-making process....And then I coach clients through some of the common emotional considerations when making complex and important decisions about their money....combining quantifiable financial modeling with behavioral finance.  




Planning and Prioritization









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We help you build strength and confidence in the most critical areas of your financial life, so you can courageously pursue your personal best.

Strength and Confidence in Financial Life Eagle, ID Enduro Financial

We provide Personal Finance Services to clients pursuing their Personal Best...both Now and in Retirement!  Many of our clients are.....

Corporate Business Leaders Eagle, ID Enduro Financial

Corporate Business Leaders

  • Corporate Business Leaders have unique financial planning needs and challenges.
  • Are you concerned about burnout or health issues from a stressful job, and the impact that would have on your family and retirement goals?
  • We help our clients make well-informed decisions regarding Retirement Plan Contributions and Investments, Deferred Compensation, Equity Based Compensation, Corporate Benefits, and Executive Compensation

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Sole-Proprietors, Entrepreneurs Eagle, ID Enduro Financial

Sole-Proprietors, Entrepreneurs, and Owner-Only Business Leaders

  • You have built a successful business, but have you ensured you are prepared for your own retirement?
  • Do you know how much your business is worth?
  • Do you have a business succession plan in place?
  • As a business owner, your personal financial success is determined by the successful operation of your business. 
  • We provide financial planning and tax professional services for businesses seeking comprehensive advice: Bookkeeping, Payroll, Tax Preparation, Business Valuations, Succession Planning, Personal Financial Planning, and Retirement Plans.

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What's On Your Mind? Eagle, ID Enduro Financial

What’s on your mind?

We provide a free comprehensive qualitative report which provides you with insights into your priorities as you navigate the 6 important Life Stages: Marriage, Parenthood, Empty nesting, Retirement, Grand-parenthood, and Care Giving. With these insights, we can help you plan and prepare for your future.

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Explore Your Life Stages Eagle, ID Enduro Financial

Cross Financial Finish Line Eagle, ID Enduro Financial

We succeed when you cross your Financial Finish Line and Live out Your Personal Best.

Together we will:


Efficiently connect, track, and manage every area of your financial life


Determine the purpose of your Financial Goals and get the coaching you need to help you stay on track


Make Well-informed decisions about your money


When you know where you want to go and what you need to do to get there, you’ll build self-confidence and peace-of-mind…..so you can go out and pursue life to the fullest.


Align your financial life with your values and priorities.  We will help discover your priorities and what/who you value, so you can align your pending habits, long-term goals and investment philosophy to optimize positive impact.


There is no time like the present to get started on your race toward financial independence 

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